“My people will sleep for one hundred years, but when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back.”” - - Louis Riel — July 4, 1885

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Mark Beachey

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" I was giving the name in ceremony, "WHEK-KAWH-ZHEH, MIGIZI DODUM" which is in the language of OJIBWAY. The English language translation for this is "GUIDING LIGHT" .  "MIGIZI DOEDUM", translates to "EAGLE CLAN" which is my clan. 

I have always believed that music is the pathway to one's spirit. While there are many forms and genres of music,  sharing music has a profound impact on peoples lives. 

Past Live Performances include:

  • 2nd International Toronto Powwow, Rogers Centre, Toronto, ON Canada 
  • Festival Stage at Ontario Place, Toronto ON Canada 
  • Sunfest, London, ON Canada 
  • Canada Day Celebrations, London ON Canada 
  • Metis Organization - Fort Frances, ON Canada


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Featured on CTV News

Timmins Summer Concert Series totalled over 2000 on opening night

Featured on FirstTeltv5, Wikwemikong, ON

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United We Stand

Mark Beachey

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A huge thank you to drummer Mike Mann (ONE UGLY COWBOY) for making this the rocking song it deserves. Also a special thank you to Dmitri Ashawasegai for working with me on the song lyrics. You are definitely a Boni fide song writer. And last but not least, a huge thank you to Steve Kinney for mastering this single.

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